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Adnen Kadri

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Vecticons Flat Round 52 icons

Vecticons line 1,163 icons

Vecticons RoundFlat 142 icons

Collection of miscellaneous white icons with colorful background.

Vecticons flat 72 icons

Collection of flat style icons.

Vecticons outline colourful 111 icons

Sets of colourful fill icons with 1.5px stroke.

Minimalist flat 43 icons

Collection of minimalist flat icon sets.

Outline Duo 150 icons

Set of outline style dual colorful icon sets.

Icoshad 20 icons

Collection of white icons inside colorful circles with long shadow effect.

ShadoFlat 10 icons

Set of long shadow effect/round background icons.

Minimalist 63 icons

Set of minimal design icon collections